Four Ways How Technology Changed the Way We Travel

If we take a look through history, traveling was not the safest possible option. Travelers were often careful when going through unknown parts, as the risk is greater, the farther away from home one is. However, thanks to the development of technology, we can relax, as it has changed the way we travel forever. What was the usual traveling procedure in the past certainly does not work anymore, and we will see why. For example, long bus rides or airplane flights need not be boring, if you have your laptop or smartphone with you. For those who are thrill seekers, online casinos, like the Highroller Casino, offer bonuses for their players, in order to maximize their enjoyment. In this way, you will not have to take sleeping pills or worry about how you will make it through your long way home. Let us now see how technology changed our traveling.


When booking holidays abroad, people used to be far more susceptible to fraud and misinformation. This, in turn, can cause some unpleasant situations, once the traveler has reached the destination. Luckily, this is rarely the case anymore, as Airbnb and other similar websites provide the guarantee that we need. A good system of advertising renting space and a system of grading the hosts ensure that potential users have the best and the most precise information possible. An international base of customers that grade and review the hosts ensures that there is practically no room for fraud, so the users can relax and enjoy their trip.

Language barrier

Only a couple of decades ago, the usual image of a tourist abroad always included a pocket dictionary, in order to comprehend the language of the foreign country. That is not the most elegant solution, and it made for some hilarious, but also unpleasant situations. However, thanks to the development of translation technology, we can understand anything, with only a smartphone in our pockets. You can even use some apps to translate street signs in real-time, so no time is wasted.

Environmental friendliness

Travelers always used to carry tons of paper with them everywhere. This came in all shapes and sizes, from boarding passes and plane tickets to pocket dictionaries, and even money. Thankfully, technology has allowed us to put that behind us, and with the help of NFC technology, carry all we need in our pockets, so as to both reduce our luggage, as well as to make the world a cleaner place.


Up to recently, when going on tours abroad, no one was absolutely sure what awaits in the chosen country. There were always some elements that remained elusive for the average traveler, and that were revealed only after arriving. Thankfully, now we have the opportunity to get acquainted with our destinations before actually going on our trip; Street View even lets you take a look at your hotel or the places you need to visit. In this way, tourists can easily handpick the locations they would prefer to visit and be left with a personalized holiday.

It is clear that technology influenced our lives in many ways; however, not all of them are for the worse. Some aspects of it, like traveling, have become easier and far more enjoyable for everyone.