5 Websites for Cheap Flights

Some people love travelling, while others choose to stay at home, drink a pint, check out some codes online, like the Genting Casino Promo Code 2020, and enjoy a quiet night indoors. Let’s focus on the former, shall we?

One of the biggest issues when it comes to travelling abroad is finding cheap flights. Pesky websites sometimes use their cookies to figure out how interested you really are in visiting an area that they inflate the prices if you visit them enough times. To avoid the hassle, here are 5 websites you can use to find affordable airplane tickets.


Depending on preferences and availability, some of us use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines to find what we are looking for online. What if there was a website that allowed us to do the same, but for travelling? Enter Kayak, a travel search engine. It allows you to compare the prices of flights between different airlines in real-time. You can even book two one-way tickets using different airlines if that option is more affordable.

The only potential downside of the website is that it counts on you being flexible with travel times and the airline in order to realize its full potential in serving you. This could be troublesome if you are looking for a specific airline or travel time with no options to compromise.


Orbitz is a travel agency that not only allows you to book cheap flights but also gives you a chance to make use of their rewards program to save some money by rewarding 1% of your purchase as Orbucks, virtual money you can spend on certain services. While they will charge you a booking fee, they do have the 24-hour cancelation policy and are sometimes willing to match the price of a cheaper flight you may have found after the booking.


Momondo shows you how the prices to certain destinations have changed over time, so you can also see what they are likely going to be like in the coming months. Furthermore, much like Kayak, Momondo allows you to mix and match two different airlines to come up with the most affordable option of going to your destination and coming back. However, you may need to reserve these two flights yourself separately. Regardless of that, it does a marvelous job of tracking prices.


Skyscanner not only gives you the cheapest flight options but also shows you the prices of booking hotels and cars in the target location. If you are unsure about your destination and just feel like travelling, it has a lovely little option of searching all destinations and giving you the ones it finds most interesting.


Hopper lets you book flights, hotels, and more and, besides a website, it also has its own app. They guarantee secure payments and offer the option of watching other people’s trips if you are unsure whether you want to book your trip or not. You will also likely get notified if the prices change.