How do you get to the exotic destination? By plane, train, bus, boat or a combination of two or three of those? Planning a vacation doesn’t have to be frustrating anymore when thinking about how to get to your dream destination. In my opinion, vacations should be a time when we care less about the complex “how to get there” and more about enjoying a simple stress-free time. was born out of the desire to share the endless possibilities of traveling to amazing destinations mostly by plane. Traveling by plane should be enough to get to beautiful places where you can have an awesome time. Sometimes, depending on the destination of vacation, the flying is time costly and from this perspective it should compensate for combining other means of transportation. It’s just easier to go in the plane and after a couple of hour to arrive to the destination.

On you will find the best places that are welcoming tourists through their international airports. Be it big countries and cities, islands or mountains, the possibilities to explore the world via airplanes are enormous. The main focus on the site are those locations on Earth where you can just land and start your dream holiday. Another important point of focus are travel guides and vacation ideas you can consider for your next escape from the mundane.

The Exotic Destinations section of the site is a section that focuses mostly on warm places from various continents. Here we talk about beaches, islands, hot cities and countries, as well as places that are exotic through their unique beauty and culture.

The Mountains will help you explore the natural wonders of the mountains and various activities that you can do in each of these places. How to get there, how to prepare for the typical mountain adventures are also included in this section, along with other important and useful information.

The Events is a section dedicated to informing you about the most popular upcoming events. Concerts, sports events, film and music festivals are all to be found here. In my vision they are all reasons to spend one or two more days before or after the event in the location where they take place. Let these events become the central theme of your weekend or mini-holiday to create a great time for yourself and your family and friends.

I hope you stay tuned for more incredibly easy to get to holiday destinations and events.