Apps for Travelers

There are apps for virtually anything these days. You can get an app that measures your steps and fitness level, an app that tells you what the weather will be like, and even an app that helps you game, like Fruity King, for example. Now, we are going to talk about apps that are particularly useful to travelers, as visiting a new country where you don’t speak the language or have any knowledge of affordable accommodations can be a bother.

Culture Trip

As far as free apps go, this is a solid one. It’s a combination of a travel magazine and SEO articles that alert you to the best places you should consider putting on your itinerary. After all, who wants to go to Thailand only to find the nearest Burger King? You also have the option of creating your own Wishlist that lists all of the things you are particularly keen on, like monuments, galleries, or sporting events. What’s wonderful about the app is the fact that the content is generated by the locals, so you’ll know which places are worth your time.


If your travelling requires you to fly, you already know how troublesome it can be to find affordable flights, especially if the cookies in your browser already know what you’re interested in and tend to jack up prices accordingly. Hopper is there to help you plan your trip by booking cheap airplane tickets, provided, of course, that you are somewhat flexible with your schedule. It’s not a one-time thing – the app actively follows the price changes and can show you the difference between a direct flight and layovers. It’s also a bit of a psychic when it comes to predicting whether the price is likely to rise or drop in the coming weeks and months.

Google Maps

Android users have already seen how useful Google Maps can be when you are in an unknown area. You can use it to determine your location and not get lost, find some good restaurants and hotels, and even plan how you are going to get from point A to point B while marking places you want to visit. This is truly one of the essential apps to have.


Do you have trouble packing? I know I do. One way to remedy the potential mysteries of the weather and other circumstances is to pack for every occasion, but that is far too much trouble, especially when it comes to checking all of your bags on flights. Enter PackPoint, a useful app for those that argue endlessly with their family members about how many pairs of underwear are really necessary for the trip. All you need to do after installing the app is put in which place you are visiting and for how long, along with information pertaining to activities you might enjoy when you reach your destination. The app checks the weather for you and gives you advice on the essentials to pack for your trip.