Staying Stylish While Travelling

Travelling all the time, whether it is for leisure or business, can sometimes put a wrench in your outfit plans. The culture clashes, the weather you may or may not expect, and the limited options you have with the size of your luggage truly present a challenge. However, there are a few things you can do to keep stylish while travelling.


There are people who believe that they simply cannot do without 70% of their wardrobe and therefore have a hard time packing. What you need is to pack the essentials and then worry about statement outfits and special occasions if there is still room in the luggage. Why is this important?

A stylish person knows how to do a lot with very little. It is practically a miracle what you can get away with when you pack a simple T-shirt, a shirt, a blouse, a sundress, a pair of jeans, and two pairs of shoes (one pair for comfort and the other for style).


Your destination may dictate what you can and cannot wear, whether it is through the culture of the place, the terrain, or the weather. Make sure you read up on your destination and the usual outfits found in the area. Remember to put comfort ahead of style. While it may sound counter-intuitive, it is good to have a compromise between the norms of the place and your well-being. Compare it to wearing Jimmy Choos in the desert – it just doesn’t work.

Just because certain areas may require you to cover your head or hold a ban on shorts does not mean you cannot look good while you are visiting them. For example, adding a pair of sunglasses to your headscarf while outside gives a bold statement while honoring the local expectations. Speaking of accessorizing…


So, we have limited options. What can we do to resolve the problem? Why, accessorize, of course. Complement your outfit with simple jewelry, though you may want to stay away from the valuable piece during your travels. Scarfs and shawls can transform your outfit from boring to adventurous. A hat, purse, or necklace may be more than enough to completely change your appearance and make you unrecognizable.


We’ve saved the best for last. To truly master being fashionable and stylish while travelling, you must spend less time relying on what it is you are wearing and shift your focus to how you are wearing it. What is the picture you want the people around you to see? Or, better yet, what is the picture of yourself you would like to see? With the right attitude, nearly anything you wear becomes stylish.