Climate Change May Erase These Tourist Places

Travellers love putting sites of their world on their bucket lists. There are those that like mainstream attractions, comfort travelers that enjoy local cuisine and taking pictures at popular tourist destinations, and backpackers who love getting up close and personal with the local culture. However, some of our favourite spots may disappear from the world? Why? Climate change. Here are a few places you should consider visiting before they are no more.

Rio de Janeiro

You can’t think of Rio de Janeiro without thinking of beautiful beaches and the extravagant carnival they have every year. It is easily one of the most flamboyant and celebration-inclined cities in Brazil and even the world. What dangers could climate change possibly pose to this little paradise? Well, the global temperatures keep rising and it is only a matter of time before we are forced to kiss Copacabana goodbye as it and other places in this marvelous city are likely to become flooded in the following decades. That and the already scorching heat make Rio de Janeiro an endangered species among the cities of the world.

The Alps

The Alps present a challenge to everyone who’s a fan of the winter sports and the low temperatures. Unfortunately for them and for us, the snow is melting – rapidly. The ski resorts are resorting to cutting their seasons short due to the fact that there is less and less snow to be enjoyed by the locals and the tourists and there are even estimates that it will be gone by 2050. Every year, the glaciers are losing roughly 3% of the ice and snow, so if you are not keen on skiing in the mud, consider visiting the place before it’s too late.

The Great Wall of China

One of the remaining wonders of the world is slowly disappearing, brick by brick. It would not be fair to attribute all of the damage the wall has suffered throughout the decades to climate change, but it is a big factor. Locals and tourists stealing bricks from it are not helping as 10% of the wall is already gone due to neglect and erosion. It would truly be a shame if all that is to remain of the wall is a few bricks here and there. We certainly wouldn’t want to visit the Great Ruin of China.


Even elementary school children can tell you how rising sea levels pose a threat to a city that is all but submerged into the ocean. Luigi Brugnaro, the mayor of the city, announced a state of emergency and schools are closed at the time of writing. Every year, a bit more of Venice is sinking and it won’t be long before the people of the future start mistaking it for Atlantis. The irony of the situation lies in the fact that the regional council was flooded shortly after rejecting measures to fight climate change. The picture of the flooded council chamber went viral.


Here is a place that will make every honeymooner with deep pockets cry – Seychelles is expected to disappear completely in about 100 years. No more will the tourists of the world enjoy the crystal-clear water, the giant turtles, and the white sand the archipelago of over 100 islands still has to offer.