The Exotic Argentina: Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata is a great place to go on vacation because it’s warm beautiful place. It is worth considering for the next vacation because there are beautiful beaches and because it’s close to Buenos Aires, the capital where there is an important international airport.

It’s very easy to travel to Mardel (Mar del Plata) from Buenos Aires. They are only one hour flight apart. Other means of transportation is available as well, such as buses or driving by car.
Yearly Mardel attracts millions of tourists from the entire world, including people from Argentina. The Argentinians also prefer Mardel as a vacation destination, coming here to relax and release the work stress earned throughout the week. Mar del Plata is visited by people from the entire world every year for a reason: it is very rich in experiences, especially water related activities.

First of all, the beaches and bathing resorts are number one attraction especially in the warm months from January to late March and December. They tend to get quite crowded during this time of the year. The beaches have direct exit to the Atlantic Ocean which gives the modern city a dazzling image. Playa Escondida, aka the Hidden Beach, is a beach where nudism is allowed and it’s interesting to visit and experience sunbathing all undressed.

Tourists can enjoy boat fishing on the waters of the sea. This is an interesting experience and the fish that bite in these waters are bluefish, salmon and a great sea variety. Other water related activities are visiting the Aquasol Water Park, an aquatic resort with a capacity for almost 5000 people, offering various aquatic and recreational activities. The Mar del Plata Aquarium is waiting for visitors every day. The aquarium is huge and it includes a 3D sea theater, a penguin shelter, a turtle and crocodile aquarium where visitors can see other species too.

There is a great variety of restaurants, cafes and hotels where they can spend their nights and eat. Traditional foods and drinks are available, as well as souvenir stalls where people can buy little things to remind them of the amazing time they had in this part of the world.

Visit Mardel this year for a beautiful warm and unforgettable vacation.