Top Three Annual Sports Events in the World

Sports fans and enthusiasts not only admire one type of sports but usually, they admire various types of sports, from individual to team sports. They are especially into annual international sports events. During the most famous annual sports events, they not only enjoy watching the games but also they want to know the odds and to bet on their favorite teams. Nowadays, you do not have to sit in front of the TV to watch the famous games, you can watch them on your computer or smartphone, you can read online news, bet on various sites. You can have fun lots of fun by doing online betting with Unibet and other sports websites in a much easier way than just a couple of years ago. Annual sports events you are a fan of and the fun that surrounds them are more approachable than ever before. Thus, we will present to you the three most famous annual sports events in the world you can follow, bet on, and have lots of fun.


Those who love tennis, definitely love the Davis Cup that is an international team event in male tennis. ITF, International Tennis Federation runs the event. It is held every year in different countries, and it is often called the World Cup of Tennis. The national teams compete against each other, and the country that wins becomes the World Champion team.

The History of the Davis Cup

The first Davis Cup competition was held in 1900. The only two countries that competed in a knock-out format were the United States of America and Great Britain. The competition was held in Massachusetts, USA, and the winner was the United States of America. The following two years the competition was not held. However, from 1902 the Davis Cup was held annually. By 2016, 135 nations started competing.

The Most Successful Countries

The greatest team in the Davis Cup over the years has been the United States of America. Their teams won 32 tournaments so far. The U.S.A. is followed by Australia and New Zealand.


Fed Cup is the female equivalent of the Davis Cup. Until 1995, it was known as Federation Cup. International Tennis Federation runs the event, and the first competition of the Fed Cup was held on the 35th anniversary of ITF.

The History of the Fed Cup

Many female tennis players and fans wanted to organize a female equivalent of the Davis Cup. However, until 1963 there was no international tennis competition for female tennis players. 16 countries competed in the first competition, and the first country to win was the United States. However, Australia was the winner for the following 11 years.

The Most Successful Countries

There are more than 70 countries that compete in the Fed Cup. However, the number one country is still The United States of America, which is followed by the Czech Republic and Australia.


The annual European Champion Clubs Cup is an athletics competition. The European clubs allowed to compete are the champions at their countries’ level.

The European Athletics Association runs the competition. It is both men and women’s event.

Since there are many clubs and many competitors, the rule is that each club presents one athlete for an event.

The History of European Champion Clubs Cup

The first competition was held in 1975, and only male athletes were allowed to compete. However, in 1981, a separate female competition was held which was a great success for the competition. Both female and male European Champion Clubs Cup is very popular nowadays, and their popularity keeps growing.