Parkpop Free Music Festival in The Netherlands

There is a major pop music festival coming up this summer in The Netherlands. This is the biggest free pop music festival in the country and in Europe, and it will take place on June 25, in the city of The Hague at Zuiderpark.

This festival is suitable for pop music lovers, festivals lovers, for people who want to connect with and get to know other people who may come from different cultures. Parkpop attracts an average of 200000 visitors every year and it is well known locally and internationally. It all started in July 5, 1981 when the festival attracted over 35000 visitors. This festival had endless growth opportunities since there weren’t any other big free pop festivals. Parkpop had increased the tourism and the economy of the city ever since.

Zuiderpark is easy to get to by the Dutch public transport. Rotterdam has a big international airport and from there to The Hague all visitors can get the train. There will be extra long trains to The Hague Central Station and The Hague Holland Spoor during Parkpop. Bus and tram transportation is also available from The Hague Holland Spoor.

Famous bands and singer will perform during the Parkpop. Important names are Toots & the Maytals, dark rock band DOOL, the band Los Pacaminos ft. Paul Young, and Joanne Shaw Taylor, a British bluesrock guitarist and singer.

Parkpop is truly an experience that aims to show us that there is more to just listening to music. It’s about enjoying the full experience, the ambience and atmosphere together with your friends and family. Parkpop promises to be an unforgettable festival. Judging by the program and the bands it is totally worth it going there!