Fun winter mountain festivals

Winter is already here and for some of us this is good news, while the majority of people long for the summer. We’re writing this article for the first category to show them all the cool festivals they can attend this winter in the mountains.

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Blue Mountain Winter Fest

This festival will take place at the Blue Mountain Resort in Summit Lodge, Palmerton, PA on January 27-28, 2018. Believe it or not, it’s all free. You will meet members of the US luge team, you will admire beautiful ice sculptures that artists create on the spot and you will see real sled dogs. There will be of course hot chocolate and mulled wine for everyone who gets too cold outside. Winter activities are allowed and actually free, except for skiing, snowtubing and snowboarding, for which you have to pay a fee.

Rise Festival

Just as you’re reading this article, the Rise Festival takes place. Still, don’t worry, there’s a 2018 edition as well and booking is open. The price is £249 per person, but there also are certain packages you can choose. The festival will take place on 15-22 December 2018 at Verbier, Switzerland. For £449 to £628 you can book a 2-4 person trip that includes the festival ticket, the lift pass, accommodation plus transfers and ski or board hire for the more expensive packages. Don’t miss the next party on the top of the world, as they like to call it.

Altitude Fest

This one has already taken place on December 11-17, 2017 in Mayrhofen, Austria, but it will be organized for sure next year as well. This is a comedy festival with a pretty impressive line-up that will make you laugh for hours on end: Terry Alberton, The Cuban Brothers, Jimoin, Zoe Lyons, Eddie the Eagle among many others. The resort is amazing. You will be surrounded by breathtaking alpine peaks covered in snow, pine forests and 625km of slopes. There’s even a wooden nightclub that’s 200 years old but it still stands straight when the music carries on for hours on end.

As for the price, a weekend costs £179 or you can buy an extra VIP ticket for £260. You are responsible to book your own flight and find accommodation in Mayrhofen. All these can be done online: you buy the tickets on, you go to Skyscanner to find the cheapest flights to Innsbruck and to to look for the perfect hotel or chalet in Mayrhofen. There are special packages about which you will find out more in the following months for the 2018 event because they’re done for the year.