Five Innovative Payment Solutions for Online Purchases

Even though PayPal is considered to be the number one choice both for making payments and receiving them, many other online payment solutions have slowly entered the market and gained the reputation of being worthy alternatives.

With the rise of cryptocurrencies, more and more companies are accepting payments in Bitcoin, and we can safely say that cryptocurrencies are on the road of becoming the ultimate online payment solution. For example, Bitzstarz accepts deposits in Bitcoin, which is why many people like to take advantage of their Bitstarz bonus.

1. Skrill

A big competitor to PayPal, Skrill has quickly become a popular payment solution used by people around the world. Transactions fees are not high, and if you refer someone, you can even get 10% of their fees (sending and receiving money) for a year. You can make instant deposits, and maybe, more importantly, instants withdrawals, and accept and make payments in more than 40 currencies. Skrill also supports merchant payments, which means that businesses can receive payments from their customers.

2. 2Checkout

2Checkout has the reputation of being “one of the best payment gateways in 2019”. It is fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry, has state-of-the-art fraud protection and what’s perhaps the most important for users – it is easy to use. You can make purchases in 85 currencies on 211 markets, and make mobile and online payments to companies worldwide. You can select a checkout option of your choice, and even recurring billing is available.

3. Payoneer

Established in 2005 in New York, Payoneer boasts of having more than five million registered users around the world, even in some regions in Africa, Europe, and Asia which are considered to be high risk. Their services are ideal for anyone who wants to make payments abroad. Businesses can pay their employees, partners, and freelancers, and online merchants and freelancers can get online payments from other countries. One of the reasons that many people opt for this online payment company is that Payoneer has no fees charged on a monthly basis and does not require a contract long-term.

4. Venmo

Venmo is a service offering mobile payments, and it is owned by PayPal. It serves as your digital wallet and allows you to make purchases at a multitude of online shops and send money to your friends. Nothing is charged when you send money using a debit card that you have linked to your account, but if you want to use your credit card, there is a 3% fee. For each transaction, you can leave a comment and add notes.

5. WePay

In 2018, WePay celebrated its 10th birthday, and the company has come a long way from starting as a competitor for PayPal more than a decade ago. They offer unparalleled fraud protection and highly-satisfactory customer service, and small companies can take advantage of their services enabling customers to purchase on their websites, without leaving it. An additional bonus is that there are no application fees and no fees for setting up an account.