Adventures in Fagaras Mountains, Romania

Fagaras mountains are part of the Carpathian mountain chain located in Romania. Fagaras mountains are by far the most impressive mountains in Romania, the highest point being Moldoveanu Peak at 2544 m.

To explore the hidden natural beauty of the Romanian mountains tourists have multiple access routes. Arrived in Romania, the tourists can pick a route to the mountains, either by car from Sibiu or Brasov cities, or by train. There have been built many guesthouses and lodges at the foot of the mountain and along the valleys of the Fagaras where tourists can stay the night. Some of the most popular inns where people chose to stay in the mountains is Valea Sambetei Inn which is located at the entrance in the massif. Podragu Inn is situated in the Podragu Valley can be found by tourists who want to rest while climbing the mountain, at 2136 m. This inn offers a great opportunity for exploration of the area at this height, and also visiting the Podragu Lake which is a very beautiful experience.

Visiting the mountains should always be done with proper equipment. The weather in the Romanian mountains above 1800 m is very cold. Winters are long and very cold in the mountains. The coldest month is January with -9°C. The warmest temperatures are peaking at a highest average of 25°C in July. People are usually advised to take a tent, proper clothes, a sleeping bag, boots for trekking, winter hat, gloves, and a burner and gas bottle. Also to take food and a map of the mountain, because there is low chance to find a place to buy one in the massif.

Camping and hiking are very popular in the Fagaras mountain. Popular camping areas are at the Avrig, Caltun, Capra, Podragu and near the touristic refuges. There are springs of fresh water near the lakes. The hiking tracks reveal very beautiful views of the surroundings and the mountains. Climbing is also very popular and easier to do since the mountain doesn’t have tall walls, but tourists definitely need to bring their own climbing equipment.

Shops are rarely found in the mountains, so make sure you get everything you need beforehand. Souvenirs and some food can be found at Balea lake, but also in Brasov, Sibiu and other big cities that are close to Fagaras mountain.

Romanian mountains are such a beauty and everyone who visited them was impressed by their beauty and wilderness. Next time you want to go to the mountains, put Fagaras on your list. You won’t be disappointed.